Expectations of Mistress Veronica

I am a Domme because I enjoy it. I want to hear what you wish to get out of our time together. This can be an experience we will both remember.

If you are a Novice, it is understandable that you will be nervous and wondering if this is the 'right thing for you', but think on, you have visited my website because you have an interest in this way of life. I am a very sensitive Domme and will guide you throughout our sessions together. Your introduction into this world will not be 'full on' immediately, but will be subtle and gentle.

When we speak on the telephone, I expect you to be respectful and to the point. Communicate openly and honestly about your desires. It is rude to schedule an appointment you have no intention of keeping. I expect you to be on time for your appointment. If a delay arises, have the courtesy to call and inform me of the situation, I can be most understanding.

I do not require you to call me 'Ma'am. M'Lady or Mistress' outside of a session, but I do DEMAND respect. If you cannot be respectful, I will immediately end our contact.

Before meeting with me, I expect you to be showered, clean and neat. If you have been travelling a long distance before arriving to me, by all means let me know, I will be happy to let you freshen up prior to our session. I always have a pre-session chat where we discuss details such as safe words and any last minute questions you might have before we start.

If I make arrangements with you for a session, you must call at the time given to confirm your session. Please remember - our phone consultation is just that - a brief consultation, not a phone session!