What the Mistress Offers

I enjoy the following types of play during sessions; this is not an exhaustive list so please enquire if you think I may like to participate in something with you.

the setting lends itself to the harshest of punishments. Judicial Corporal Punishment can be administered with Cane, Strap or Birch and with a uniformed if so desired. I also offer Caning therapy and Punishment Caning
Foot worship
I love my feet and you will too. I have tiny size 5 feet, I love them to be massaged, rubbed, licked, cleaned, placed into my shoes or boots. Trampling is also a great specialty of mine.
Medical Play
This can include all forms from needles, staples, sounding, to medical examinations. also strap-on.
All forms of cock and ball torture goes hand in hand with Medical play.
Trampling and crushing
oh what pleasure for me to tower above you in my heels and feel the pain of squeezing my delightful heels into your nipples, bum, and back or where I feel is appropriate depending on my mood. If you have been a pain in the arse then that is where my foot will go. I will take equal pleasure in sitting on you with my beautiful curvaceous bottom.
Whipping, spanking and cropping
This I do in style. I think bruises are beautiful, like paintings using the body as canvas, let Me make a work of art out of you.

Hot wax play
I just love the feel of the wax when it is hot and sticky with that warm feeling, pouring this onto my subject in a very beautiful elegant manner in the form of creating art with warmth and fire, an art with elegant sudden pain.
Electric play
very enjoyable in creating fun.
Chastity Belt Key Holder
I love to key hold for chastity, this gets carried out from my chambers where you will come to me for me to unlock and lock your chastity, the charge for this is £50 a month for me to hold your key and £150 a month for you to come and be locked and unlocked by your beautiful Mistress.
Pet Play
I love my pets. I will sit and stroke you, play with you, walk you. Just as any owner would.
Adult Baby and Littles
I carry out being a mummy to my adult baby’s in my chambers overnight stay can be catered for. I will NOT change dirty nappies.
Please note I DO NOT participate in:
Children or Underage
Intimate Worship
Sexual Intercourse.


1hr: £150.00
2hr: £280.00
Medical / Latex
1hr: £180.00
2hr: £300.00
Other session lengths can be discussed and negotiated. Full over night bookings are available for 10 hours £1500.00